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Writing Prompt Drabble
You’d lost count of how many times you’d sneezed today. It was spring, the pollen count was high, people were walking their dogs (and incidentally spreading hair and dander everywhere), and mold was growing every time it rained.
You sneezed when you woke up, grumbled, and found yourself hovering above your bed. After a few seconds, you dropped back onto it hard enough to rattle your teeth. Yeah, this day was getting off to a great start.
Over breakfast, you spoke in any language you chose for five minutes, sparked electricity every time you moved, shot laser beams from your eyes, and smashed a corner of your table when you propped your elbow on it.
But it wasn’t until now, as you rode your bike past a park on your way to work, that you reached the last straw.
You sneezed, jerking the handlebar. Then, multi-colored butterflies flew out of your nose. That set off a spate of sneezes that you stopped counting after five.
When it was over, a slow clapping started from the
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Illogical But True
A tense silence reigned in the transporter room. Even though he technically had command of the bridge, Spock waited here. He stood against the wall, not touching it but out of the way, his hands held folded behind his back. His eyes were trained on the console before the ensign, waiting for the moment the captain and chief medical officer would be beaming back.
He had no doubts as to the outcome of this event. None at all, though little niggling worries danced in the back of his mind. Spock ignored those as best he could, merely raising an eyebrow slightly at the direction his thoughts were trying to take. Jim Kirk would be fine. He’d survived worse perils. He’d survived alone on a desert planet with a Gorn as an adversary. The man had walked away mostly unharmed from that. He would come back from this. And Dr. McCoy was with him. There was no way the irascible doctor would let harm come to the captain.
“Sir,” the ensign said nervously, glancing over a hunched s
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Mature content
Hot Springs and Hotter Hearts :iconremanth:remanth 1 9
Fire and Gold
They finally had a moment to breathe. The ragged group of survivors from Haven had made their home in this abandoned fortress. Skyhold was the answer to all of their prayers after the destruction of Haven by the Herald herself. Of course, that had been the best of a host of terrible options. Thanks to Chancellor Roderick, they hadn’t died along with Haven. And buildings could be rebuilt as long as they were all alive. Thankfully, the Herald and her companions had even been able to save all the people trapped or being attacked.
Everyone had settled into Skyhold and started making it a home and the home of the Inquisition itself. And, of course, they needed a leader. Not just the group that had been running things, composed of Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen, and Josephine. An actual leader, a figurehead, someone who would make the final decisions when presented with all of the options. And that was how Aysa found herself going from Herald to Inquisitor. It still felt odd. She hadn
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Hearts Left Behind
A gray sky threatened rain through the window of the Council meeting room. King Alistair Theirin sighed and dragged his attention back to one of his ministers. The man liked to drone on during these meetings, evidently enjoying the sound of his own voice. Or maybe he enjoyed the thought that Alistair’s attention was on him during his long speeches. He was getting cynical, Alistair thought to himself, and fought to stop a shake of the head that would have derailed the minister’s speech. He wouldn’t have stopped it except for the fact that, once before, he’d tried distracting the man hoping he would cut the speech short. Instead, it had resulted in the man going over every point all over again, firmly convinced he would have missed something otherwise.
Five other people sat around the table. There were three women and two men, each in the colors of their respective guilds or specialties. Everyone wore warm, thick clothing against the cold. Alistair was the only on
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Dream Lover
I'm losing sight of you
My dream lover.
You fade further and further
Each passing day
I've been patient, hopeful,
Praying for you.
But it's been too long, I think,
My dearest love,
And it's too late for us.
So now, goodbye.
The death of what could have been,
Now made present.
:iconremanth:remanth 4 0
The Elven lands over the sea were beautiful. Though Bilbo couldn’t see them as clearly as he once might, and his joints ached if he even breathed wrong, he could still see their beauty. Lord Elrond was kind, letting him and Frodo come with them to the Elven lands. Ringbearers didn’t belong in the lands they’d left behind. They’d become too peculiar, too fey, too otherworldly. A magic ring that allowed its wearer to disappear?  It would be treated as a particularly vivid ale dream in the Shire and laughed away.
But here, the very air was fey and otherworldly. He and Frodo weren’t out of place because this was the kind of land Ringbearers belonged to. As they crossed over the water and came to rest at a beautifully-built dock, Bilbo took the first comfortable deep breath he’d taken since before he’d picked up the ring in a dark cave. Next to him, Frodo echoed the deep breath, a smile tugging at his lips. Footsteps behind them heralded Lord E
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I envy the wind its insubstantialness.
Colorless, shapeless, formless.
Passing through the world
With no lasting traces
Of its coming or its going.
I envy the cloud its lightness.
Fluffy, soft, changeable.
Flying high above the
World on soft breaths
Leaving shadows as it passes.
I envy the bird its wings.
Powerful, wild, unchained.
Soaring into the sky
On a blur of feathers
Rushing to freedom and happiness.
:iconremanth:remanth 8 5
17 Years by remanth 17 Years :iconremanth:remanth 2 0
A Demon and An Angel
Once upon a time, a demon and an angel met.
The demon laughed and the angel wept.
Looking around the devastation it sang out loud
“Of this destruction I am quite proud!”
While the demon reveled the angel wept bitter tears,
Heartsick while listening to wild cheers.
Unable to stand torn, twisted bodies and scorched land,
The angel fled to a calmer strand.
Once upon a time, a demon and an angel met.
The demon laughed and the angel wept.
Time passed even for the demonic and the divine,
Their work becoming a choking vine.
The demon destroyed and slaughtered, though it all soon palled
Until against a daisy it stalled.
The angel blessed, helped, and saved, drowning in corruption
Until anger grew to eruption.
Once upon a time, a demon and an angel met.
The angel laughed and the demon wept.
The angel’s heart softened upon seeing the flower
The demon was trying to nurture.
It was a poor thing, struggling, yet bravely still alive,
And the demon wished to see it thrive.
The angel
:iconremanth:remanth 7 2
Sunlight Pride by remanth Sunlight Pride :iconremanth:remanth 4 0 The Deadly Pear by remanth The Deadly Pear :iconremanth:remanth 2 0
Raining Drabble
It was a quiet day. For once, nothing demanded their immediate attention. Heaven and Hell were both keeping to themselves, there were no weird deaths or signs, and everyone was safe in the bunker. A thunderstorm raged outside, which only made the place feel that much warmer and cozier.
The sound of rain filled the bunker. It was nice and filled the silence that usually dominated the place. Or arguments, which happened frequently. Living with a brother often made for arguments. But not today. All three of them, Sam, Dean, and Cas, were all full from lunch. Dean had done something nigh miraculous with their burgers and he’d made homemade fries.
While their bellies were still full, they’d all headed off to their own pursuits. Sam grabbed his laptop and a mug of coffee and sat at a table. The sound of keys and the mouse button clicking joined the rain beating down on the bunker. Steam swirled up from the mug that Sam took a swig from every once in a while. And instead of lookin
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Escalation by remanth Escalation :iconremanth:remanth 2 4
I crave, I crave, I crave
Touch of skin to skin
Lips to lips
Body to body
I need, I need, I need
Whispers of desire
Breaths exchanged
Hotter and hotter
I ache, I ache, I ache
For worshipful tongues
Lick, tease, taste
Higher and higher
I plead, I plead, I plead
For pleasure, passion
Moans and screams
Endless fulfillment
:iconremanth:remanth 5 8
Woman in White sample submission
It was happening again. No matter how many times she had this nightmare, how hard she fought against it, Sam had to live through it every time it happened. It started the same way every time. She walked into the apartment she shared with her boyfriend Jesse, dropping her purse on one of the chairs in the living room and shrugging out of her jacket. She headed into their bedroom next, calling for Jesse when she saw the bed was empty. It was late, as the glowing red numbers on the clock next to their bed attested. It was a bit surprising that Jesse wasn’t asleep in bed. Maybe he was pulling an all-nighter again.
With a sigh, she flopped backwards onto the bed, drawing her knees up so her feet rested on the edge. She felt so tired, though never knew quite why in this nightmare. It was only after closing her eyes that Sam felt the first warm drops hit her forehead. It felt like rain but that couldn’t be, right? Unless there was a leak in the apartment above? And every time,
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I like to write short stories and poetry. They run the gamut of emotion and I hope I'm successful in portraying what I was feeling when writing. Some things are mature or NSFW but will be labelled accordingly.

I have an on-going series published on Amazon Kindle. It's titled The Accidental Heroes Chronicles. It's about accidental heroes, good and evil, and the choices we make for either side. And it has characters that are lgbta+ where the story doesn’t revolve around their sexualities. I also have a romance novel titled A Weight Relieved available. It's a romance featuring a bisexual character. There is also a children's series, Gerald the Chicken, about a little chicken who goes on adventures and makes friends.
You can find all of these on my Amazon author page here -->…

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Favourite cartoon character: Scooby and Shaggy, Sailor Mercury, Haku, Howl, Irvine Kinneas
Personal Quote: We are limited only by the ends of our imaginations.
What is necessary is never unwise.

The final volume of The Accidental Heroes Chronicles is available now! Victory is live and the series is complete! It’s been an amazing journey and I almost can’t believe it’s already over. I first started writing this series in 2012, for my first NaNoWriMo. It’s just awesome how far I’ve come since then. Wow. And, of course, many many kudos to goosieboosie for the fantastic covers she made for Deceit, Victory, and the alternate ending.

As usual, Victory is available as a paperback or an ebook. The alternate ending is only available as an ebook, so I’m sorry to all the people who prefer printed books.

alternate ending:

Really, I promise. I've been so busy with babysitting my nephew and working on my novels. I'm sorry it's been a while since I've written anything with any sort of regularity.

I do want to start doing the prompts again and I think I have some inspiration filtering in again. We'll see.

In the meantime, it would be amazing if you guys wanted to help support me by purchasing my books from Kindle. You can find all the books I've published on my author page -->…

Thanks and I hope to post some more stuff soon. :)
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So I realized that with my theme prompts, its actually sometimes difficult to find the sequels to my fanfics. I decided to put them in one comprehensive list so that they are easy to find. :D That way, no more clicking and searching. There are some with mature content, so BE WARNED. *evil laugh* So without further ado, here they are.

The Inevitable (one-shot)
Eyes (poem)
Theme Prompt - Eyes the second (poem)
Theme Prompt - Stripes (one-shot)
What is today? (one-shot)
Answer the Question (one-shot)
Benedict Who? (one-shot)
Sick Days
The Consulting Demon (one-shot)
The Case of the Missing Rabbit (one-shot)
Nightmares (SherlockxIrene to start with, one-shot)
Trick or Treat (one-shot kidlock)
The Bet That Began It All (one-shot, hinted Johnlock)
The Blind Date (one-shot)
Festive (one-shot)
An Impossible Request (one-shot, hinted Johnlock)…
No Conductor of Light (one-shot)…
Don't Stop Me Now (one-shot, pre-Johnlock)…
Kill Me With A Kiss (one-shot)…
Don't Try to Save Me (one-shot)…
Guinea Pig (one-shot)…
Never (one-shot pre-Johnlock)…
Zoo (one-shot kid!lock)…
Bad Outcome (one-shot, pre-Johnlock)…
Rain (one-shot)…
Chocolate 2 (one-shot)…
Hospital Promises (one-shot)…
Fear of Heights (one-shot, kidlock, pre-Johnlock)…
What Once Was Full, Now Empty (one-shot)
Waltz (one-shot)
Burning (one-shot, unrequited)
Serenade (one-shot)
Movie Night (one-shot) Movie Night
Wisteria (one-shot, Dark!John) Theme Prompt - Wisteria
Winter Discoveries (one-shot, archaeology au) Winter Discoveries (mature)
Three Times Missed and Once Not (one-shot) Three Times Missed and Once Not
Holding Hands (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Holding Hands

221B Ficlets
Formal (one-shot)
Fever (one-shot)
Lies (one-shot)
Talk (one-shot)
Search (one-shot)
Eclipse (one-shot)
Now (one-shot)
Shadow (one-shot)
Eye (one-shot)
Sing (one-shot)
Dark (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Dark
A Moment in Time (one-shot) Theme Prompt - A Moment in Time
A Little Bird Told Me (one-shot) Theme Prompt - A Little Bird Told Me
Raw (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Raw
Heartfelt Apology (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Heartfelt Apology
Lead Theme Prompt - Lead
The Topaz Carpet Theme Prompt - The Topaz Carpet
Murdered Encore Theme Prompt - Murdered Encore

Lucky Timing (complete)
All Hell Breaks Loose Theme Prompt - All Hell Breaks Loose
Regrets Theme Prompt - Regrets
Dreams Theme Prompt - Dreams
Checkmate Theme Prompt - Checkmate
Penny For Your Thoughts Theme Prompt - Penny For Your Thoughts
Relief Theme Prompt - Relief
Rejection Theme Prompt - Rejection
The Ties That Bind Theme Prompt - The Ties That Bind
Walking on Eggshells Theme Prompt - Walking on Eggshells
Wild Goose Chase Theme Prompt - Wild Goose Chase
Bones Theme Prompt - Bones
Bless Theme Prompt - Bless
Sunday Paper Theme Prompt - Sunday Paper
Never Again Theme Prompt - Never Again
The Bright Side Theme Prompt - The Bright Side
Chemicals Theme Prompt - Chemicals
Game Theme Prompt - Game

Johnlock Omegle
Johnlock Omegle 2
Johnlock Omegle 3

Reunion Johnlock Omegle
Reunion Johnlock Omegle 2

Johnlock Case Omegle
Johnlock Case Omegle 2
Johnlock Case Omegle 3

Watching You Fall Omegle
Watching You Fall Omegle 2…
Watching You Fall Omegle 3
Watching You Fall Omegle 4
Watching You Fall Omegle 5
Watching You Fall Omegle 6…
Watching You Fall Omegle 7…
Watching You Fall Omegle 8
Watching You Fall Omegle 9…
Watching You Fall Omegle 10
Watching You Fall Omegle 11
Watching You Fall Omegle 12
Watching You Fall Omegle 13
Watching You Fall Omegle 14
Watching You Fall Omegle 15
Watching You Fall Omegle 16
Watching You Fall Omegle 17
Watching You Fall Omegle 18
Watching You Fall Omegle 19
Watching You Fall Omegle 20
Watching You Fall Omegle 21
Watching You Fall Omegle 22
Watching You Fall Omegle 23
Watching You Fall Omegle 24
Watching You Fall Omegle 25
Watching You Fall Omegle 26
Watching You Fall Omegle 27
Watching You Fall Omegle 28
Watching You Fall Omegle 29
Watching You Fall Omegle 30
Watching You Fall Omegle 31
Watching You Fall Omegle 32
Watching You Fall Omegle 33
Watching You Fall Omegle 34
Watching You Fall Omegle 35
Watching You Fall Omegle 36
Watching You Fall Omegle 37
Watching You Fall Omegle 38
Watching You Fall Omegle 39
Watching You Fall Omegle 40
Watching You Fall Omegle 41
Watching You Fall Omegle 42
Watching You Fall Omegle 43
Watching You Fall Omegle 44
Watching You Fall Omegle 45
Watching You Fall Omegle 46
Watching You Fall Omegle 47
Watching You Fall Omegle 48
Watching You Fall Omegle 49
Watching You Fall Omegle 50
Watching You Fall Omegle 51
Watching You Fall Omegle 52
Watching You Fall Omegle 53
Watching You Fall Omegle 54
Watching You Fall Omegle 55
Watching You Fall Omegle 56
Watching You Fall Omegle 57
Watching You Fall Omegle 58
Watching You Fall Omegle 59
Watching You Fall Omegle 60
Watching You Fall Omegle 61
Watching You Fall Omegle 62
Watching You Fall Omegle 63…
Watching You Fall Omegle 64…
Watching You Fall Omegle 65…
Watching You Fall Omegle 66…
Watching You Fall Omegle 67…
Watching You Fall Omegle 68…
Watching You Fall Omegle 69…
Watching You Fall Omegle 70…
Watching You Fall Omegle 71…
Watching You Fall Omegle 72…
Watching You Fall Omegle 73 Watching You Fall Omegle 73

The Madman and the Detective (complete)
Fairy Tale…
Playing the Melody
Are You Challenging Me?
Broken Pieces
Give Up
Obsession 2

Messages From A Ghost (complete)
Seeking Solace
Silence the Second
Happiness 2
Precious Treasure

Festive (one-shot)
Time (one-shot)
The Stolen Operator (one-shot) Theme Prompt - The Stolen Operator
Kissing (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Kissing

Something New (complete)
Deep in Thought
Keeping a Secret
Kissing Day with Molly
Day to Remember

The Secret Admirer (complete)

Long Day at Work (one-shot)
Eating Ice Cream (221b ficlet) Theme Prompt - Eating Ice Cream

Johnstrade Omegle
Johnstrade Omegle 2
Johnstrade Omegle 3
Johnstrade Omegle 4

Ice Cream and Wine (one-shot)…
Clouds (one-shot)…
Welcome (one-shot mature) Theme Prompt - Welcome (mature)
London's Dolls (221b ficlet) Theme Prompt - London's Dolls
Shopping (221b ficlet) Theme Prompt - Shopping

The Weight of the World on Your Shoulders (complete)
Chapter 1…
Chapter 2…
Chapter 3…
Chapter 4…
Chapter 5…

Spooning (221b ficlet) Theme Prompt - Spooning

Bathing Together (221b ficlet) Theme Prompt - Bathing Together

Non-ship Sherlock Fics
When Armor is Broken
What Could Go Wrong the Second Time Around?

Non-ship Supernatural Fics
New Home... At Least For A While
Valiant (poem)
Defeat (one-shot)
Mask (one-shot)
Wrong (poem)
Thousand (poem)
Shadowed Heart (221B ficlet)
Ghost (one-shot)
Power (one-shot, poem)
Hope (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Hope
Light (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Light
War (one-shot, poem) Theme Prompt - War
Don't Go (one-shot 10x21 coda) Theme Prompt - Don't Go
Addict (one-shot 10x22 aligned) Theme Prompt - Addict
Trip (one-shot, kid!Sam guardianangel!Gabriel) Theme Prompt - Trip
Woman in White sample submission (one-shot) Woman in White sample submission

New Anniversary (one-shot)
Homesick (one-shot)
Curious (one-shot)
Grace (one-shot poem)
Festive (one-shot)
Invincible (one-shot, hinted Sabriel)…
Illusion (one-shot)…
Love is the Purest Savior Around (one-shot)…
Sensual (one-shot)…
Smirk (one-shot)
Wings (one-shot)
Six Feet Under (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Six Feet Under
Hanging by a Thread (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Hanging by a Thread
Gaming and a Movie (one-shot) Gaming and a Movie

Lost and Alone
Jar of Dirt…

The Reason Sam Can't Concentrate (complete)
I Can't
Can You Hear Me?
Last Hope
So it Goes
To Each His Own

A Brother's Mercy (complete)
No Time

Into the Darkness They Go (complete)
Building Theme Prompt - Building
Red Tape Theme Prompt - Red Tape
Crack of Dawn Theme Prompt - Crack of Dawn
Skeletons in the Closet Theme Prompt - Skeletons in the Closet
Storm Theme Prompt - Storm
Tongue in Cheek Theme Prompt - Tongue in Cheek
Copper Penny Theme Prompt - Copper Penny
Aztec Gold Theme Prompt - Aztec Gold
Sea Glass Theme Prompt - Sea Glass
Acceptance Theme Prompt - Acceptance
Candy Theme Prompt - Candy
Lake Theme Prompt - Lake
Line Theme Prompt - Line
Scar Theme Prompt - Scar
Imagine Theme Prompt - Imagine
Quit Theme Prompt - Quit
Fight Theme Prompt - Fight
Salvage Theme Prompt - Salvage
Prize Theme Prompt - Prize
Hellion Theme Prompt - Hellion
Race Theme Prompt - Race

Hanging Out With Friends (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Hanging Out With Friends

Love in the Time of Angels (one-shot)
The New Castiel (one-shot)
Love the Alternate (one-shot)…
New Anniversary (one-shot)
When Past and Future Collide (one-shot)
Training (one-shot)
Angel School (one-shot, pre-destiel)…
Grace (one-shot poem)
Festive (one-shot)
Sword (one-shot)
Breathe (one-shot poem)…
Apologize (one-shot, hinted Destiel)…
Heartache (one-shot, hinted Destiel)…
All the Queen's Orders (one-shot)…
Not Quite What I Expected (one-shot)…
Together in Electric Dreams (one-shot)…
My Sanity's Savior (one-shot poem)…
Swimming (one-shot, hinted Destiel)…
Vampires (one-shot)…
Kiss (one-shot)…
Soft (one-shot, poetry)…
Wind (one-shot poetry)…
Taste (one-shot)…
To Sleep, Perchance to Hunt (one-shot, crossover)…
Truth From A Ghost (one-shot)…
Wasteland (one-shot)
Whiskey and Rum (one-shot, poem)
Not Going Anywhere (one-shot)
Natural (one-shot)
Drink (one-shot, pre-destiel)
Silk (one-shot)
Promise (one-shot, poetry)
Gentle (one-shot, pre-destiel)
10x5 Coda (one-shot)
Ebony Water (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Ebony Water
Cosplaying (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Cosplaying
Raining Drabble (one-shot) Raining Drabble

Coming to Terms (complete)
What the Villain Said

Secrets Finally Spoken (complete)
Trouble Lurking
Happiness 3
Standing Still
Stripes the second
Breaking the Rules
Danger Ahead
Kick in the Head
No Way Out
Do Not Disturb
Drink (epilogue)

Words Have Consequences (complete)
Seeing Red
Through the Fire
All That I Have
No Regret
Fire Ball

The End of All Things (complete)
Breaking Loose…
My Reason To Live…
Pain 2…

The Core Remains the Same (complete)

Into the Darkness They Go (complete)
Building Theme Prompt - Building
Red Tape Theme Prompt - Red Tape
Crack of Dawn Theme Prompt - Crack of Dawn
Skeletons in the Closet Theme Prompt - Skeletons in the Closet
Storm Theme Prompt - Storm
Tongue in Cheek Theme Prompt - Tongue in Cheek
Copper Penny Theme Prompt - Copper Penny
Aztec Gold Theme Prompt - Aztec Gold
Sea Glass Theme Prompt - Sea Glass
Acceptance Theme Prompt - Acceptance
Candy Theme Prompt - Candy
Lake Theme Prompt - Lake
Line Theme Prompt - Line
Scar Theme Prompt - Scar
Imagine Theme Prompt - Imagine
Quit Theme Prompt - Quit
Fight Theme Prompt - Fight
Salvage Theme Prompt - Salvage
Prize Theme Prompt - Prize
Hellion Theme Prompt - Hellion
Race Theme Prompt - Race

The Coffee House (one-shot)
On a Birthday (one-shot) Theme Prompt - On a Birthday

Dancing (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Dancing

Last Night on Earth (one-shot)…
Doing Something Together (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Doing Something Together

Just Enough of a Bad Thing (mature, one-shot) Just Enough of a Bad Thing (mature)
In Battle, Side by Side (one-shot) Theme Prompt - In Battle, Side by Side

Non-ship Marvel
Silence (poetry, Winter Soldier) Theme Prompt - Silence
Earth (one-shot, sorta Steggy and sorta Stucky) Theme Prompt - Earth
Rising From the Ashes (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Rising From the Ashes
The Drunkard Clown (one-shot) Theme Prompt - The Drunkard Clown

Can't Lose You (one-shot)
Festive (one-shot)
Bane (one-shot)
Of Portals and Pasts (superfamily oneshot) Of Portals and Pasts
Far Theme Prompt - Far
On A Date (one-shot) Theme Prompt - On A Date

Finding Each Other (complete)

It's Complicated Even When It Doesn't Have To Be (complete)

Specter (one-shot, winter soldier coda, pre-stucky) Theme Prompt - Specter
Good Luck Charm (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Good Luck Charm
Phobia (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Phobia

Arguments and Hope (complete)
Arguing Theme Prompt - Arguing
Making Up Afterwards Theme Prompt - Making Up Afterwards

Last Day on Earth (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Last Day on Earth
Doing Something Sweet (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Doing Something Sweet

Conscience (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Conscience
Cuddling Somewhere (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Cuddling Somewhere

Pillow (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Pillow
A Different Clothing Style (one-shot) Theme Prompt - A Different Clothing Style

Bucky X Reader
Help Where You Can (one-shot) Help Where You Can

In Formal Wear (one-shot) In Formal Wear

Sick (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Sick

Doing Something Ridiculous Theme Prompt - Doing Something Ridiculous

Of Diamonds and Murderers (one-shot)
Doing Something Hot (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Doing Something Hot

The Ballroom in the Soap Bubble (one-shot)
Spells of Heat (one-shot)

Mine (one-shot)…

Non-ship Sleepy Hollow Fics
To Sleep, Perchance to Hunt (one-shot, crossover)…

Irvabbie (Frank Irving/Abbie Mills)
Monsters and Magic and Guns…

Non-ship Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fics/poetry
Ring (poetry)
Hero (poetry)
Memory (poetry)
Box (poetry)
Run (poetry)
Hurricane (poetry)

Home Home

Nightmare Before Christmas
Yours Even Though You Don't Notice (jack/sally, poem)

Hurt/Comfort (one-shot)Theme Prompt - Hurt/Comfort

Drink Theme Prompt - Drink
A Hollywood Affair (one-shot) Theme Prompt - A Hollywood Affair
Sonata Hangman (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Sonata Hangman
Wearing Each Other's Clothes (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Wearing Each Other's Clothes

Kingsman self-insert
Silver-tongued Flirt Silver-tongued Flirt

Non-ship Doctor Who Fics
Jurassic Demons (one-shot, crossover-ish) Jurassic Demons

Penny Dreadful
Victor Frankenstein/Henry Jekyll

Heal Your Broken Heart (one-shot) Heal Your Broken Heart
Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes (mature)(one-shot) Theme Prompt - Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes (m)

Morning Rituals (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Morning Rituals


Getting Married (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Getting Married

Game of Thrones
Making Out (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Making Out

Good Omens
Baking (one-shot) Theme Prompt - Baking

Star Trek
Illogical But True (one-shot) Illogical But True


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