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December 14, 2012
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Tony's heart was beating quickly, pounding at his ribcage as he waited for Steve to answer. He hid the panic and fear behind a cheerful and charming face, hoping that he wouldn't be let down. Rapidly rethinking their interactions for the past few weeks, Tony thought he saw a pattern and a definite interest there. But, his worries whispered, it could just be the polite and thoughtful way that Steve acted. There could be nothing there and he could be ruining one of the few good friendships he had.

"What do you want it to mean, Tony?" Steve asked, catching the barest hints of Tony's inner turmoil. He'd learned to read the genius, to see the emotions lurking deep in his eyes or the twitch of his mouth.

"Now that's not playing fair, Cap," Tony said lightly, taking a sip of his wine. "I asked first."

Steve saw a slight tremor in Tony's hand and realized the brunette was expecting him to brush it off, brush him off. Suddenly, all the veiled references to 40's politeness and chivalry made sense. Without answering, Steve put down his plate and glass then plucked Tony's out of his hands.

"We don't have to stay the whole time, do we?" he asked, placing the items on the table. He waited until Tony shook his head, eyes wide, before taking the genius' arm and tucking it into his. Leading the way to the exit, smiling and nodding at the people who greeted them, Steve didn't allow Tony any time to stop or think. Or himself, for that matter. He was done dancing around this, now that the brunette had finally noticed. The dance had been the final straw.

Steve stopped just long enough outside for one of the cars the Avengers used to be brought around. Gently shoving Tony inside, he followed and told the driver to head back to the Tower.

"Steve, what?" Tony started to ask before he was silenced by Steve placing his lips gently on his own. Tony made a small noise in the back of his throat before he was kissing back, both hands resting on Steve's shoulders and holding him in place. Steve's hands had landed on Tony's hips and pulled him closer before both men pulled back to breathe, panting heavily.

"That answer your question?" Steve asked, smiling gently at Tony.

"You know, I'm not so sure it did, Capsicle," Tony said slyly, glancing out the window. "And we've still got some time before we get back to the tower. Why don't you explain it some more?"

Steve chuckled and leaned down again, pressing his lips to Tony's. He kept the kiss light again, just moving gently against the other man's lips. Though, all his plans went out the window when Tony made a deep sound in his throat and licked across his lips. Steve's mouth opened on a gasp and Tony's tongue darted in, licking at his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Steve's grip tightened on Tony's hips, his fingers leaving bruises that they'll find in the morning. Tony shifted closer, one hand wrapping around the back of Steve's neck and holding him close. They lost themselves in the warmth and heat, learning each other's mouth before a quiet knock on the window separating them from the driver brought them back to where they were.

"Avenger's Tower," the driver said, voice carefully bland. This wasn't the first time he'd driven people who were making out in the back seat. Though, it was usually Clint and Natasha. Steve blushed a bit, his cheeks turning pink. Tony laughed and nodded at the driver before getting out. Steve followed and they walked hand in hand up to the tower.

"I think I like that answer," Tony said conversationally, punching at a button once they were in the elevator.

"That's good," Steve said, looking at Tony and smiling at his kiss-reddened lips.

"However, I don't think it was fully complete, do you?" Tony asked, turning to Steve and pushing him against the wall. "I think there's more we can explain." He leaned up to capture Steve's lips again, nipping at the bottom one. One hand slid down, hovering just above the waistband of the black slacks Steve was wearing.

"Tony," Steve murmured, tilting his head to suck at the side of Tony's neck. He bucked his hips forward, into Tony's hand and moaned at the contact.

"Damn, Steve," Tony said, rubbing his hand over Steve's skin through the pants. "We shouldn't have waited so long for this."

"Have to agree there," Steve replied. "But, to be honest, I thought you weren't interested."

"Me? Not interested?" Tony exclaimed. "What gave you that idea?" He groaned again as Steve bit him over his pulse point, the action sending chills down Tony's spine.

"You never responded to any of my hints," Steve explained, licking over the bite. "I thought you wanted to be friends. Then, you taught me how to dance."

"How did that change your mind?" Tony gasped, struggling to get back some semblance of sense. He wrapped his other hand around Steve's neck again, bringing his head back for a heavy kiss.

"I could see it in your eyes," Steve replied, gasping once they broke the kiss. "The heat, the want. So I decided to do something simple, something that could be just politeness, to test you. And you were speechless."

"Have to admit, that's one of the first times," Tony replied, leaning forward and sucking a red mark onto Steve's collarbone. The elevator dinged and they tumbled out, still wrapped up in each other. They stumbled slowly towards Tony's bedroom, pieces of their costumes littering the floor behind them.

Tony had just managed to take off Steve's waistcoat and undershirt before he pushed Steve onto his bed. They kissed again, hungrily, as Tony's hands wandered over Steve's skin. Sitting up, Steve stripped Tony efficiently of his jacket and shirt, running his nails down Tony's chest. But before they could do anything more, the warning bell sounded in the Tower.

"Damn it!" Tony swore, glaring up at the ceiling. "JARVIS, this better be world-ending important!"

"The Avengers are needed to stop Loki," the AI responded calmly. "It appears he's taken a section of Manhattan and turned it into his own personal playground."
And Tony gets the answers he was looking for. Enjoy and, as always, comments are :heart:

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